KJUN Snakehaven
KJ Lodrigue, Jr., and Kasi E. Russell-Lodrigue, DVM, PhD

Export Sales


Currently, we are not a licensed exporter; however, we do welcome export sales.  To purchase snakes from us if you are not within the United States (except Canada), however, you must make arrangements to export the snakes yourself.  Typically, we will ship to an exporter of your choice (the exporter must be within the United States) so that the animals purchased from us can be "piggy-backed" to you as part of a larger shipment.  We are unable to recommend an exporter, but we can often provide you with a short list of people that we have done similar business with in the past.  In this scenario, you pay us for the snakes and shipping to the the exporter.  You are responsible for export fees, and you will have to arrange that with the exporter directly.  We do guarantee live arrival to the exporter here within the United States as long as all other shipping requirements are met.  Any rare problems with animals from the exporter to you may be the responsibility of the airlines or the exporter, but this will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  If we warranty any snakes shipped outside of the United States second hand, it will be for credit/replacement only.  The buyer is always responsible for all shipment costs.  Due to inadvisable shipping and handling methods, we can not offer any extended warranty on animals shipped through a small number of specific exporters.  Not all payment options will be available to export customers.

If you live in Canada, you have a couple of options not readily available to people in other countries.  We can not ship into Canada, but Canadian residents have the option of having shipments (1) imported (for a small fee) by Rebecca Purdom in Aldergrove, BC, or (2) or have them shipped to a US-based address (such as an American friend or "FedEx Staffed - Hold for Pick-up" location) so that you can cross the border to pick them up and import them yourselves.  Both methods are legal as long as you follow all other laws and regulations. 

NOTE TO EXPORT BUYERS: Although we do our best to work around export shipment dates and schedules, we are unable to hold animals for extended periods of time (especially wholesale orders).  Because of problems in the past, wholesale orders can only be held a maximum of 3 weeks once the initial payment/deposit is received.  Retail orders will only be held for a predetermined length of time established prior to initial payment or deposit.  Any delay beyond those time frames must be approved in advance (including any necessary special arrangements).  Unexpected export shipping delays (mainly for wholesale export orders) will result in a partial or complete forfeit of funds, significant "holding fees" attached to the value of the animals, and/or the animals being made available for sale to other customers.  Choice of the previous options will be at the sole discretion of KJUN Snakehaven and will be decided upon a case-by-case basis.  Often a one-time 2 week delay for any order will be approved at no extra cost, but all funds will be forfeited at the end of that 2 week period if the animals have not been shipped out accordingly.  Expect no exceptions.  We strongly suggest that you get your shipment details scheduled in advance.  As always, variations on these time frames can be made with KJUN Snakehaven for individual customers (especially retail and repeat customers) on a case-by-case basis, but they need to be discussed in advance!  Larger orders and repeat customers, of course, will always receive more flexibility as long as realistic shipping time frames are discussed in advance

Looking for an exporter?  We don't and can't recommend any specific ones, but here are some ones that some links to get you started:

Glades Herp
Wonderful World Pet Suppliers

Patrick Doran and Kimberly King are also planning to import snakes to Europe from the US for a small additional fee.  If you are planning to purchase snakes from us via Patrick or Kimberly, you need to contact them and not deal with us directly.  They will schedule purchase of the animals from us.  It is good advice to then email us to check on your purchase after discussing it with either of these exporters to verify that we have received a payment to reserve your snakes.  To date, we have not received any reserved orders from either exporter for 2009.  Note: With the first three (3) links, you need to contact us directly for the animals and the exporter directly for the shipment.  In this case, you deal mainly with either of these 2 exporters and they purchase the animals from us.


(Have one you want us to add?  Want to get added to the list yourself?  Email us and tell us about it!)