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KJ Lodrigue, Jr., and Kasi E. Russell-Lodrigue, DVM, PhD

2009 Reptile Lists

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The best way to be assured of getting the highest quality animals is to reserve your 2009 order with a small, nonrefundable, deposit.  Many of our rare morphs are sold out before they even finish hatching, and the rest are often shipped out to various wholesalers immediately.  If there is something on this list that you are interested in acquiring, make sure to email us early in the season!  This will assure you the best chance to obtain what you want at a fair price - and it'll be the pick of the litter!  Except for deposits, we do not maintain a waiting list of people interested in specific morphs.  We do, however, occasionally send out emails when exceptional animals become available.  If you would like to join the retail list, send us an email from this link.  If you would like to join a wholesale list (minimum order and proof of business may be applicable), send us an email from this link.

This price list is subject to change at any time, and animals sold with known genetic history (such as het for certain traits) are usually priced accordingly.  Since we aren't able to list everything we can potentially produce on this list, email us for availability of snakes we work that aren't listed here.  We do produce a lot of hets and "project" snakes that don't make it to our regular price list, but those project animals will often make it to our mailing list and/or classified postings.  Prices listed are for lone males or for each animal when sold as a pair.  Lone or extra females - if available - may cost up to 25% more than the listed prices.  Contact us for more information or actual prices on specific snakes you are interested in purchasing.  We do occasionally offer discounts for customers buying multiple groups of snakes.  Pet stores/wholesalers may always be eligible for quantity pricing!  We do not export directly, but export sales are readily accepted for buyers with an export shipment already scheduled.  We are not responsible for honoring incorrectly listed prices.

To see a list of current specials, please visit our classified postings here.  Feel free to email us at any time to see when any of the below animal are expected to become available - if they are not in stock at the time of your request!

Bullsnakes & Gophersnakes

Bullsnakes: "KJUN" Extreme Reds (guaranteed to improve in coloration) $150
Bullsnakes: "Tiger Stripe" and "Tiger Stripe" Reds (Various  red lines) $250
Bullsnakes: "Crumbly" Red $75
Bullsnakes: Albino, Trumbower/Lubbock line het Snow $75-100
Bullsnakes: True/Original Snow (Albino white-sided) $100
Bullsnakes: True/Original Ghost (Hypo white-sided) $100
Bullsnakes: Hypomelanistic, various hets $60-125
Bullsnakes: Speckled, various hets $125
Bullsnakes: Hypomelanistic Speckled - various hets or possible hets $200
Bullsnakes: Various speckled milti-combination morphs $200-750
Bullsnakes: Axanthic (mixed lineages) $100-125
Bullsnakes: Normal, various hets $45-200
Great Basin Gophersnakes: Speckled $250
Great Basin Gophersnakes: Normals het speckled $100
Sonoran Gophersnakes: Normals $45
Sonoran Gophersnakes: "Hypos" $75
Sonoran Gophersnakes: Normals, West Texas locality $75
Sonoran Gophersnakes: Ghost $150
Sonoran Gophersnakes: Blizzard $200



Intermontane Ratsnakes: Colorado Locality $75
Emory Ratsnake: Albino, various hets $75-125
Emory Ratsnake: Chocolate, various hets $150-175
Emory Ratsnake: Golden (Albino Chocolate) $750
Emory Ratsnake: Normal het Golden $75
Emory Ratsnake: Hypomelanistic (Type A) $80
Emory Ratsnake: Normal $25
Emory Ratsnake: Normal het hypo $50
Emory Ratsnake: Normal, het albino and chocolate, "het" for stripe $500
Emory Ratsnake: Normal, het hypo, "het" for stripe $400
Trans Pecos Ratsnakes: Normals double het for platinum $125


Kisatchie Cornsnakes

Texas locality: Silverleaf $500
Texas locality: Normals het Silverleaf $250
Texas locality: Normals possible het Silverleaf $100
Kisatchie cornsnakes: Normals het Silverleaf and anerythristic $500
Normal Kisatchies: Normals (Texas, Louisiana, & generic localities available) $40
Louisiana locality: "Dark-eyed" Anerythristic $150
Louisiana locality: Normals het Anerythristic $75


Some cornsnake morphs go by more than one name, so please search carefully.  If you don't see what you are looking for, email us - we might be producing it anyway!  Known hets/possible hets usually cost more than the listed prices.  Not all projects (especially multi-het projects) will be listed here.

Selective-bred Morphs | 1-gene Morphs | 2-gene Morphs | 3-gene Morphs | Bloodred Morphs | Ultra Morphs | ZagTec Morphs | Sunspot/Patternless Morphs | Terrazzo Morphs | Line bred "pure" morphs | Special Project Morphs

Classics / Normals $20
Extreme Okeetees (i.e., Abbott's Phase) $50-75
Tessera - Males
Tessera - Females
Striped-motley Miami Phase $125-150
Motley Miami Phase $100-125
Albino $20
Albino Okeetee $30-50
Anerythristic (Type A) $20
Caramel $25
Charcoal $30
Hypomelanistic (TypeA) $20
Lavender $50
Motley $25
Striped $30-45
Amber $50
Snow $25
Blizzard $60
Ghost $25
Ghost (high pink line) $50
Hypomelanistic (Type A) Motley $40
Albino Motley $40
Anerythristic Motley $35
Caramel Motley $60-75
Striped Caramel $100-125
Striped Albino $45
Striped Anerythristic $45
Butter $40
Hypomelanistic lavenders $60
Lavender Motley $75
Striped Hypomelanistic $45
Striped Charcoal $300
Charcoal Motley $300
Opal $75
Ghost Motley $50
Coral Snow (Hypomelanistic Snow) $75
Striped Snow $50-60
Snow motley $45
Striped Ghost $50-75
Amber Motley $200-250
Striped Amber $200-300
Butter Motley $60-75
Striped Butter $125-150
Opal Motley $200
Hypomelanistic Lavender Motley $150-200
Bloodred (standard expression)
Bloodred (exceptional expression)
Pied-sided bloodreds (Low expression) - Males
Pied-sided bloodreds (Low expression) - Females
Pied-sided bloodreds (Medium expression) - Males
Pied-sided bloodreds (Medium expression) - Females
Pied-sided bloodreds (High expression)
Pied-sided bloodreds (Extreme expression)
Bloodred, "het" Pied-sided - Males
Bloodred, "het" Pied-sided - Females
Bloodred, het charcoal "het" Pied-sided $500
Ultramel Bloodred $250
Striped Bloodreds $200-250
Striped Anerythristic Bloodreds (striped granite) $250
Striped Snow bloodred (striped avalanche) $400
Striped Albino Bloodred (striped fire) $300
Striped Hypomelanistic bloodred $350
Striped Ghost Bloodred $500
Anerythristic Bloodred ("new granite") $75
Snow bloodred ("avalanche") $200
Albino Bloodred ("fire") $100
Hypomelanistic bloodred $100
Ghost Bloodred $200
Lavender Bloodred $150-200
Ultramel $45
Ultramel Okeetee $75-100
Ultramel Motley $75
Ultramelaner (ultramel anerythristic) $75
Ultramelaner motley (ultramel anerythristic motleys) - Males
Ultramelaner motley (ultramel anerythristic motleys) - Females
Striped Ultramel - Males
Striped Ultramel - Females
Striped Ultramelaner (striped ultramel anerythristic) - Males
Striped Ultramelaner (striped ultramel anerythristic) - Females
Golddust $50
Golddust motleys $100
Striped Golddust $450
Ultramel Charcoal $300
Ultra Phase $75
Ultra Phase Anerythristic $100
Ultra Phase Anerythristic Motley $200-250
Ultra Phase caramel $75
Ultra Phase caramel motley $150
Ultra Phase striped $500
Ultra Phase caramel striped $600
Classic ZagTecs $65-90
Charcoal ZagTecs $75-120
Albino ZagTecs $75-100
Albino Okeetee ZagTecs $125
Anerythristic ZagTecs $75-90
Snow ZagTecs $85-125
Blizzard ZagTec $75
Coral Snow (Hypomelanistic Snow) ZigZag $75-100
Classic ZigZag $25-50
Anerythristic ZigZag $25-50
Ghost ZigZag $35-60
Ghost (high pink line) ZigZag $50-75
Albino ZigZag $30-50
Snow ZigZag $35-75
Sunspot (cubed) $75
Hypo Sunspot $125
Vanishing Pattern ("patternless") Anerythristics $125-150
Ghost Sunspot $125-150
Snow Cubed $125-150
Ivory Ghost $350
Normal Cornsnakes, het ghost Terrazzo $300
Line bred "pure" cornsnakes: Classics, various hets $20
Line bred "pure" cornsnakes: Anerythristics, various hets $25
Line bred "pure" cornsnakes: Motley, various hets $25
Line bred "pure" cornsnakes: Albino, various hets $25
Line bred "pure" cornsnakes: Albino Motleys, various hets $35
Line bred "pure" cornsnakes: Hypo Motleys, various hets $35
Classic: het striped Charcoal $75
Charcoal: het Stripe $150
Striped: het charcoal $150
Motley: het Charcoal $150
Classic: het charcoal bloodred ("pewter"), "het pied-sided" $100

*For all motley morphs: hurricane motleys, banded motleys, and striped motleys are frequently available in limited numbers for a minimal additional charge.  Inquire for details.


Boas & Pythons

Argentine Boas: Normal $125-150
"Colombian" Boa: Normal $50
"Colombian" Boa: Normal het albino $75
"Colombian" Boa: Normal het snow (males)
"Colombian" Boa: Normal het snow (females)
"Colombian" Boa: Albino $350-450
"Colombian" Boa: Albino het snow $400-500
"Colombian" Boa: Anerythristic het snow $150
"Colombian" Boa: Snow $1250-2000
"Colombian" Boa: Hypo $125-250
"Colombian" Boa: Hypo Arabesque $700-1200
"Colombian" Boa: Arabesque $500-650
"Colombian" Boa: Arabesque het albino $550-750
Crawl Cay Boa $1000
Kenyan Sand Boas: Normal het anerythristic $45
Kenyan Sand Boas: Anerythristic $65
Kenyan Sand Boas: Albino het snow (diluted phase)
Kenyan Sand Boas: Albino het snow (high orange phase)
Kenyan Sand Boas: Snow $150-175
True Red-tailed Boas: Guyana $200-500
True Red-tailed Boas: Suriname (outcrossed "Florida Redtails") $250-500
True Red-tailed Boas: Generics - Suriname/Guyana Complex $125-250
True Red-tailed Boas: "Reverse" Striped $750
Reticulated Pythons: Super Dwarfs (F2s) $600



Western Hognose: Albino, standard (males)
Western Hognose: Albino, standard (females)
Western Hognose: Normal het Albino (males)
Western Hognose: Normal het Albino (females)
Western Hognose: Normal $50-75


Kingsnakes & Milksnakes

Louisiana Milksnake: Normals, out-the-egg wholesale lots ONLY $15
San Luis Potosi Kingsnake (mex mex): Normals $45
San Luis Potosi Kingsnake (mex mex): Speckled $75-250